A spacious polynesian "main fare" sits next to the swimming pool waiting to welcome you with delightful meals : "demi-pension" (halfboard) or "a la carte" from our tantalizing menu. At the entrance to the foyer "fare" is a foyer for reading and relaxation, where you will find literature about the Island.

During your stay with us, the "demi-pension" menu introduce you to succulent polynesian dishes, which the lady of the house embellishes with her personal touch.

The "demi-pension" includes a continental breakfast with tropical fruits, and a full dinner with dessert.

During your stay the lady of the house will let you discovered the local favour, and you never gone have the same menu.

Some of the dishes served are the following :

  • Filet of fish with lemon cream sauce.
  • Curried filet of fish with coconut milk.
  • Chicken "Fafa", a local spinach type green with coconut milk
  • Pasta with tuna and a special italian sauce.
  • Vanilla flavoured fish steak with papaya chutney
  • Scalloped deep sea fish
All the fish we serve are from the deep sea.
Besides the traditional side dishes of rice and greens, you can sample the local vegetables. Our dessert are also mostly confectionned from local products, like papaye flan, banana cake, crepes stuffed with locally made ice cream.

Some of the dishes served are the following :

  • Tuna sushi style with honey of HUAHINE
  • Tuna sushi style with ginger
  • Fettucine pasta with cream and shrimps
  • Shrimps with pastis cream
  • Hawaiian style shrimps
  • Carpaccio with tuna
  • Beef steak with blue cheese cream or green pepper
  • Fish steak with curry cream, blue cheese cream, vanilla cream, tropical or black butter